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MelonBlanc x MILOO Home

The world is rushing, and we are rushing with it. Consumerism is still at the forefront, which makes products that stay with us for years all the more delightful. MILOO Home is an interior design brand which has made itself comfortable on the Polish market and has no plans to slow down. We are happy to participate in this journey by supporting the brand's social media activities.


Today we are going to talk about two lines that we think will delight almost every taste.

The ,,Prive Room" collection is the quintessence of the meaning that less is more. It is a response to the needs of modern man, who is looking for a suitable space for relaxation and respite in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The furniture in this line inspires relaxation, being here and now. What is more, they can be easily personalised >>>.

The furniture in this line is a sensitive and comfortable companion to everyday life.

The collection's sofas and accessories combine minimalism and functionality with an elegance that will delight anyone who comes into contact with them. They are also distinguished by their timeless design - simple but original forms and muted colours will never go out of fashion.... ;)

Modern by MILOO Home is a bold reference to forms from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, intertwined with modern materials and contemporary solutions. The collection includes, among others, classic chests of drawers, veneer-finished cabinets, sofas, coffee tables and swivel armchairs, as well as a wide range of eye-catching accessories. All in a muted colour palette.

More about MILOO Home online: or in showrooms:


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