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Archi Masterclass - talks on sustainable development

The Nortberg and DAFI brand event referred to the launch of a new phase of joint activities, initiated under the slogan #ArchiMasterClass. The main theme of the meeting was 'The role of the manufacturer in creating a sustainable future'. The event, which took place at the Powiśle Power Station, attracted the attention of editors, journalists and architects.


"Smell, taste and touch are integral to our memories. We want to be their creators from the moment they enter your home," say the organisers.

"We take great responsibility in the production of cooker hoods, not only in terms of design, state-of-the-art technology and intelligent solutions, but also in issues that are equally important to us as manufacturers, such as values related to the idea of sustainability and eco-design," they add.

"The role of the producer in today's world is crucial . Thinking about sustainable production is the right and only way forward. It is very important to create products that are timeless and thus contribute to the conservation of natural resources. The direction of longevity is a holistic approach to the product and its production" - Roma Elsner, founder of the 'Archi MasterClass'.

It was these issues that were the main topic of discussion at the meeting in Warsaw's Powiśle district. The invited guests had the opportunity to learn more about the equipment and solutions offered by these two well-known companies.

Photo report: Irena Potonya


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