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MelonBlanc x LILY'S Bistro

LILY'S Bistro is a restaurant that was born out of a love of cooking and hospitality.

To understand where the concept for its creation came from, we need to look at the history and the lives of its owners.


Stanislaw Wozniak - raised in the Middle East in Syria and Lebanon, at the heart of the cultural crossroads of the world, where cuisine is one of the most important aspects of life. The diverse smells and flavours that have been brought here through generations, a melting pot of the world's first fusion cuisines. All these cultural experiences have developed a diversity of senses that can be sensed at Lily's Bistro. After returning to Poland during his studies, he first met the woman who was to become his wife in the distant future, Quỳnh Hoa Luu- Wozniak.

Stanisław Woźniak | LILY'S Bistro

Quỳnh Hoa's Asian background and experience in running a Vietnamese restaurant adds finesse and passion to the recipes created at LILY'S. Bumping into each other by chance many years after university, they decided to combine the two worlds into one uniquely delicious one - LILY'S Bistro.

What does the cuisine have to offer?

A whole range of international cuisine, plus a select range of wines.

The restaurant's two Warsaw locations in Muranów and Tarchomin offer both delicious lunches, drinks, desserts and a timeless space for social and business meetings.

Both restaurants are slowly increasing their market share by constantly evolving and developing their offerings in line with upcoming trends. As a studio, we are pleased to support the brand on this path.

Lily's Bistro Muranów

Pokorna 2/U24, Warsaw, Poland @lilysbistromuranow

Lily's Bistro

Świderska 137, Warsaw, Poland



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