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We are passionate about psychology and beautiful design, especially that in a usable form. Melon Blanc offers comprehensive marketing and public relations consultancy based on an interdisciplinary approach combining neuroscience, architecture and marketing and PR.

Innovative approach

We use the latest neuroscience research to understand consumer behaviour and introduce innovative marketing techniques that effectively engage our clients.


We combine knowledge from the areas of neuroscience, architecture and marketing, which allows us to create unique strategies tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

International experience

Our team has extensive experience of serving clients around the world, this allows us to understand the diversity of markets and cultures, which is key when developing effective marketing strategies.


We treat each project individually, analysing objectives and needs to deliver strategies that deliver real results.

Melon Blanc addresses its services to companies operating on the Polish and international markets looking for innovative marketing and public relations solutions.


Advertising and marketing agencies: We work with advertising and marketing agencies that are looking for innovative solutions for their clients


PR agencies: Our services compliment those of PR agencies, so we work together to provide comprehensive communication solutions


Universities and research centres: We build relationships with international universities and neuroscience research centres to stay abreast of the latest scientific developments that can support the growth of our clients' businesses


Team of experts: Our company works with specialists in a variety of fields with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a high-quality service.


Research and analysis: We regularly conduct market research and analysis to understand changing client needs and trends in marketing and public relations.


Technology: We use advanced tools and technology to analyse data and run effective marketing campaigns.

Let’s Work Together

Melon Blanc Media Consulting

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