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Great work deserves to be recognized – repeatedly. That’s how reputations are earned and influence won. This is what we do in Melon Blanc Studio.


Melon Blanc Studio

There is no good job without a good strategy. In life but also in advertising. Public Relation is a practice of many disciplines. 

Persuasive writing skills, market research, relationship building and metric analysis. Success is not found in an arsenal of tactics, but in strategic implementation. We create thoughtful programs with a singular vision for results.

we adhere to the principle: Let them talk about you.

We create full image strategies, the goals of which we implement by building e-commerce stores, supporting them with paid advertising, a consistent image and communication
in social media

word of mouth marketing has great power. Our influencer network tells you how important a recommendation is

Everything you need to build a business. We will create the name of your brand, visual identification - logo, design your website, prepare an image & communication strategy.


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